Mice bite Dalby nursing home patient

A WAR veteran, 89, had his ears chewed and head so badly bitten by mice on Anzac Day at Dalby Hospital's nursing home that nurses found him severely distressed with his hands covered in blood.

Member for Condamine Ray Hopper said while everyone was running around wringing their hands over swine flu, the plight of patients and staff at Dalby Hospital was being ignored.

“It's absolutely pathetic … no-one wants to do anything to protect sick people from disease-carrying vermin in a local hospital, or nursing home,” Mr Hopper said.

“I'm told by his daughter that the poor old fellow, who's a war veteran, had his ears chewed and his head and neck bitten so badly that nurses found him in a very distressed state with his hands covered in blood. He'd been trying to brush the mice away as they continued chewing his ears, head and neck.

“He was so stressed that doctors put him on morphine to calm down.”

Mr Hopper said patients, relatives and staff fed up with hearing excuses that everything was being done and that grass had been mown.

“I'm told there's a hold-up in getting approval from the Government's Environmental agency for poison to be used on the land adjoining the hospital.

“Mice plagues are a fact of life for the Darling Downs and we need to be able to control them with traps and poisons. We don't need to be denied access to effective poisons because some bureaucrats at head office are sitting on their hands.”

Mr Hopper said he had written to Health Minister Paul Lucas advising the mouse plague was a matter of urgency and requesting every effective control measure, including poison, be made available and used at the hospital and surrounds.

“Patients being bitten by mice is unacceptable … it's worse than third-world and the Minister needs to stop the nonsense that poisoning is not an option,” Mr Hopper said.

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