Mean mum, or expert parent?

DEALING with a disobedient teenager is every parents headache, but what this mum did to combat her 12-year-olds sneaky ways was genius.

Springfield Lakes mum Angela (who wishes for her last name to not be printed) made her pre-teen pick up rubbish on the side of Springfield Central Blvd recently.

"We go for walks with the dog and notice rubbish along that road,” Angela said.

The mum of two girls said her eldest was being sneaky, lying and testing the boundaries.

"We really love the area and thought this was a community service, while learning a lesson.”

"It got a lot more response than I thought.”

There were two Facebook posts and 100s of supportive comments from other parents.

"I hope some other mums can do it and help keep the place beautiful.”

Angela set up a camp chair next to her car on the grassy area by the road and supervised her pre-teen picking up rubbish for an hour.

"We had lots of people looking. A truck driver pulled over to see if we were ok. People wanted to know what was going on.

"It was a big learning experience.” And the social media posts reinforced the lesson.

"In our family we don't have a lot of technology, so we can't take that away as punishment. We do lots of things on a case by case basis.

"If they slam doors, doors get taken off.

"If they hurt their sister, they have to do something nice for her for the rest of the week.

"We're really big on teaching our kids about respect.”

Angela said she wanted to make sure they didn't grow up as "entitled little millennials”.

"They don't get pocket money for existing. They earn money.”

And the kids don't have social media accounts or access to the internet.

"We don't think it's a necessity for children to have access to technology.”

Instead of turning to Google the family tries to find information elsewhere, from books or watching documentaries.

"It's letting kids be kids. And its safer.

"We're really big on family values.”

All computer access is supervised, they do have Netflix but spend a lot of time outside or doing things like art or music.

"We're probably the meanest parents on the street.”

Angela and her partner own their own business and work up to 70 hours a week meaning the kids take active roles in the day to day household chores.

She said it stopped them from becoming bored.

"They don't see it as jobs, it's their part of being in the family unit.”

Her girls pack their own lunches after school for the next day.

"If kids can operate a tablet, they can operate a dishwasher or washing machine to earn TV time.

"Everybody pulls their own weight.”

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