Ashley Robinson is full of praise for the people who made the the Sunshine Coast Marathon a reality ... and those who run in it.
Ashley Robinson is full of praise for the people who made the the Sunshine Coast Marathon a reality ... and those who run in it. Patrick Woods

Marathon glory belongs not only with the runners

TODAY I reckon I am going to have a Big Mac, fries and a junior burger to celebrate something really important.

I used to eat a bit of Macca's in my younger days and the above is what I would usually have and really enjoy.

But the last decade or so it only happens randomly. Maybe I am away somewhere, had a few beers and see the oasis of the golden arches on the horizon late at night.

I am not going to get into a stoush with anyone about health issues as no one makes me eat it and too much of most things is bad for you, so I will leave it at that.

The reason for celebratory Macca's meal is in recognition of a couple of families on the Coast that have made a difference for a whole lot of folk - Greg and Robyn Biggs and Gary and Lisa Binet.

With a lot of help from their network, they have done an amazing job in making the Sunshine Coast Marathon which runs tomorrow and is an incredibly successful event that touches so many lives and helps so many people.

Both these families have been heavily involved in Macca's franchises and have plenty of assistance from other franchisees to make this event happen but in my opinion it was the drive and determination of the two couples that has made this event what it is.

It was 2011 that they started approaching people about what they wanted achieve with a charity event and personally I thought they were off their heads.

One person who didn't was local State MP Steve Dickson, who threw his support behind and along with the council got the ball rolling.

There are some wonderful sponsors - too many to mention - but again I think they are there because of the confidence they had in the two families. They knew the job would get done with tomorrow being the sixth running of the event that has amazed me and helped so many families on the Sunshine Coast.

I love this community. It is a very generous one but at times there are folk out there that love to take a potshot at people for whatever reason.

What has been achieved in just over six years with the marathon with no back-slapping or self-promotion is a prime example of what determined, successful people can achieve.

I applaud what they have done and continue to do and their amazing network of sponsors and supporters.

Yes I should be running in the marathon instead of eating but there is a time limit and sadly I probably would still be out there somewhere as the sun sets.

I will definitely be there in spirit and wish all participants the best of luck and acknowledge that if there are 7000 participants there are probably as many different reasons why they are participating.

That is another beauty of this event.

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