Rehab and strong family help drug accused avoid jail

WHEN Gympie man Michael Glen Hall was seven years old, his father murdered his mother.

Troubled by his past, he turned to cannabis and then meth and in June last year police searched the now 25-year-old's home and found about 11g of meth, 4g of methadone, a 1.2m-high marijuana plant, fertilizer and fireworks.

Hall, a father of two, faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday to be sentenced after pleading guilty to the crimes.

The court heard he had rehabilitated, was clean of drugs and had strong family support.

The court also heard how he spent 37 days in jail earlier this year for breaching bail and that this was a wake-up call.

Justice Ann Lyons was convinced Hall was determined to change his ways and sentenced him to a year's jail with immediate parole.

"I accept that you have had an unsettled childhood due to the fact that your mother was murdered by your father when you were seven," she said.

Justice Lyons said reports showed Hall was highly motivated to keep away from drugs and that the man also recognised boredom and a negative peer group triggered his drug habit.

Justice Lyons also noted this was not his first drug offence.

Hall was also caught with about half a gram of meth and a pipe in his car during the Gympie floods in February this year, the court heard.

Despite this, Justice Lyons said Hall's guilty plea, cooperation with police when they searched his house, strong family support and proof of rehabilitation warranted him being released on parole immediately.


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