CUFFED: Remy Anthony Grace will spend the next two weeks behind bars.
CUFFED: Remy Anthony Grace will spend the next two weeks behind bars. Molly Glassey

Man broke detective's tooth "to protect child" he says

A WARWICK man has been jailed for headbutting a detective who was helping child services remove a child from his Warwick home.

The Warwich Magistrates Court heard Remy Anthony Grace attacked Detective Senior Constable Ryan Harmer during a welfare visit to the 18-year-old's house in May.

During the afternoon visit, the authorities stayed in the house for an hour, before deciding it was unfit for the safety of the child.

Grace's defence lawyer Clare Hine said the young child belonged to Grace's friend and was someone he felt protective of.

Grace pleaded guilty to one charge of assault for attacking Snr Const Harmer, and another charge for obstructing the female officer in his company.

"He understands it was a terrible thing," she said.

The "terrible thing" began as police and welfare services attempted to take the young child from the home just before 4pm.

The court heard Grace put himself between the female police officer and the child in an attempt to stop them taking her.

Despite being told to move, Grace refused.

Snr Const Harmer told Grace he was under arrest for obstructing a police officer, and grabbed him by the arm.

Grace retaliated by headbutting Snr Const Harmer's mouth, chipping the police officer's front tooth.

Snr Const Harmer was quick to react, restraining and handcuffing the 18-year-old before taking him to Warwick watchhouse.

Grace was charged and released on bail.

Clare Hine said her client suffered from anxiety, depression and anger issues, submitting to Magistrate Bevan Manthey that the young man be put on probation.

Mr Manthey was quick to disagree.

"He's looking at time," the Warwick magistrate said.

Grace, donning a black hoodie, sat quietly as Mr Manthey spoke of how serious it was to attack a police officer in the line of duty.

"These types of assaults on police officers going about their businesss... are treated seriously, irrespective of (the attacker's) age," Mr Manthey said.

Mr Manthey told the man that, "just because he had a so-called episode (and) tried to put his two bob in", there was no excuse for the attack.

Grace was sentenced to three months jail but will serve just two weeks behind bars.

"They strike a police officer in the course of their duties, they can expect time," Mr Manthey warned.

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