HIGHFIELDS and Wattles battle to keep their season alive in the TRL elimination semi-final at Clive Berghofer Stadium.

Who will move on to the second week of the finals and who will have to wait for next season?

Kick-off is at 7pm. Follow the action below:

Wattles are through to week two of the TRL finals while that loss ends Highfields' season. It is a tough way for the Eagles to bow out after scoring a late try to force the game into extra-time. It is a bit like a penalty shoot-out in soccer. But Matt Duggan proved the perfect man to kick Wattles into week two of the finals.

84min: Wattles halfback Matt Duggan kicks the winning goal. Wattles win 20-18 in extra-time.

83min: A Highfields high tackle gives Wattles a shot at goal from in front 20m out.

82min: A Highfields error gives Wattles the ball at half-way. A penalty helps the Warriors get closer to the Highfields line.

82min: A penalty heals Highfields out of its own end.

81min: Wattles start extra-time and kick the ball over the Highfields dead-ball line in their set.


The game is off to extra-time of 10 minutes each way with golden point to decide the first TRL elimination semi-final.

80min: Highfields front-rower Nathan Smith is at dummy half and pushes over for a try next to the post. Jarrod Lee converts. The scores are level at 18-18. The full-time siren sounds before the kick-off. Highfields and Wattles are off to extra-time.

78min: Highfields gets a set on the Wattles line after a penalty.

77min: A penalty helps Highfields start a set in the Wattles half. Now or never for Highfields.

75min: Highfields are tackled with the ball on the sixth tackle again close to the Wattles line.

73min: Wattles winger Brodie Frizzell makes a great tackle to wrap-up Highfields on the last tackle for a change-over.

72min: Highfields get a chance to attack the Wattles line on the back of a penalty.

70min: There are 10 minutes to go and it is still anyone's game as Wattles lead 18-12.

68min: Wattles force a Highfields drop-out. Wattles look to go over for a try but knock the ball on.

65min: A Matt Duggan grubber is trapped by the Highfields defence. An Eagles player picks up the ball, runs 40m and kicks wide for his winger before the defence collects him only for the kick to go into touch.

61min: Bombs are proving hard for the back threes to deal with. Highfields fumble one but referee rules it went back. Highfields come up with an error next tackle to put Wattles on the attack.

59min: A Highfields error lets Wattles off the hook.

58min: Highfields get a repeat set after second-rower Conor Nolan puts in a good run and off-load.

54min: Wattles captain Ryan Duggan goes over for a try to give the Warriors the lead. Matt Duggan converts. Wattles lead 18-12.

53min: Highfields try a kick wide. Wattles winger Brodie Frizzell picks up the ball and runs 40m to put Wattles on the attack.

49min: A big cut-out pass allows Wattles winger James Johnson to score a try out wide. Matt Duggan converts. Scores are level again at 12-12.

47min: A couple of penalties has Wattles camped on the Highfields line.

45min: A penalty gives Wattles another chance to attack the Highfields line.

44min: Highfields brings the ball out from its own end.

43min: A Highfields error gives Wattles a chance to attack early in the second half.

41min: The second half starts as Wattles kicks off to Highfields.


HALF TIME: The game is still there for either team with just six points in it.

40min: Highfields get a penalty in the Wattles half. Opt to take a shot at penalty goal. The half-time siren sounds as Jarrod Lee lines up the kick. Lee misses the goal and in a dramatic end to the half, Wattles catch the attempt in-goal before Highfields fullback Blake Appo comes up with a one-on-one strip and scores a try. Lee converts to give Highfields a 12-6 lead at half-time.

38min: Wattles are on the attack again but are wrapped up on the last tackle for a change-over.

36min: Wattles interchange forward Tyrone Jowett crashes over for a try next to the post. Matt Duggan converts. Scores are level at 6-6.

29min: Highfields opens the scoring with a try to second-rower Conor Nolan. Jarrod Lee converts. Highfields leads 6-0.

27min: A Jarrod Lee bomb leads to a Wattles error giving Highfields the chance to attack.

24min: Highfields mix things up kicking ahead for speedy winger Aaron Hooper straight from a scrum on their own 20m line. Hooper gets to the ball first but tries another kick and Wattles clean up. A penalty gets Wattles attacking in the Highfields half.

19min: Wattles hold their line intact as neither team has managed to opening the scoring nearing the mid-way point of the first half.

17min: Back-to-back penalties puts Highfields on the attack.

14min: The Highfields defence muscles up and pushes the Wattles ball carrier back. Wattles get a penalty the next tackle to put them in the Highfields half with a full set again. They come up with another error early in the set.

11min: Wattles get another set on the Highfields line after a penalty. A forward pass on the first tackle ends that attack.

8min: Highfields survives the attack and get a penalty to help them out of its own half.

7min: A Highfields hand prevents a Wattles try out wide. The Warriors get another set on the Highfields line.

6min: The tables turn as Wattles get a penalty for offside a spilt bomb. The Warriors chasse a try.

5min: Wattles survive and try to cart the ball out of their own half.

4min: A bomb proves tricky for Wattles to diffuse. Highfields get a penalty as a Wattles player picks up the lose ball from an offside position. Good attacking chance for Highfields.

3min: Wattles get a penalty to help them out of their own end. They can't complete the set as an error comes early in the tackle count.

1min: Highfields kick off to Wattles to start the game.



HIGHFIELDS: 1 Blake Appo, 2 Braydon Mitchell, 3 Sean Hamel, 4 Zack Loxley, 5 Aaron Hooper, 6 Keith Mackenzie, 7 Jarrod Lee, 8 Nathan Smith, 9 Jake George, 11 Conor Nolan, 12 Wayne John Weribone, 13 Cameron Sweedman, 14 Josh Birch, 15 Luke Hile, 16 Thomas Hine, 17 Josh Bainbridge, 18 Cooper Bowyer

WATTTLES: 1 Jackson Green, 2 Brodie Frizell, 3 Braydon Wilson, 4 Brenden Wilson, 5 James Johnson, 6 Jaime Abbas, 7 Matt Duggan, 8 Jarred Bradfield, 9 Liam Ross, 10 Michael Pearson, 11 Ty Gardner, 12 Jason Wilson, 13 Ryan Duggan, 14 Aaron Scheid, 18 Brendan Perkins, 19 Dale Perkins, 20 Tyrone Jowett


Second Division: Dalby 48 def Brothers 22

Under 18: Souths 45 def Highfields 26

Reserve grade: Brothers 30 def Highfields 12

The Western Mustangs also recorded a 30-24 win over Wynnum-Manly in Brisbane.

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