Life lessons from the little league

LATELY I've been fortunate enough to watch my daughter coach a little league soccer team. By fortunate, I really mean that I've finally managed to crawl from my warm bed early on Saturday mornings.

But, while watching that excited herd of kids gallop about the paddock, I've stumbled across the secret to succeeding in sports, and life:

1. Turn Up. You might not be the best player, but you'll be a darn sight better than the zoned out superstar sitting at home in front of their Xbox, or whatever it is kids are hypnotised by nowadays.

2. Try your best. Well, you've turned up, so give it everything you've got.

Now, they're the biggies, but here's a few more for those of you taking notes:

3. Celebrate successes. When someone does anything good, let them know.

4. Be gracious in defeat. You can't win all the time, and it would be boring if you did.

5. Be gracious in victory. The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sneering winner.

6. Mistakes will be made. Now you know what to work on. Well done.

7. If someone gets hurt, help them. Especially if you were the one who hurt them in the first place.

8. Have fun. Seriously, it's just a game, and so is life; enjoy both while you can because nobody gets out alive.

It's been a while since my daughter played little league and hopefully she'll inspire one of those keen kids to coach a littlies team when they're older, which brings us to:

9. Give back. That's the glue holding clubs and communities together.

For some it may mean crawling from a warm bed early on a Saturday morning so you can be there when your child yells, "Did you see that dad?"

I sure did mate.

Greg Bray blogs at Find him on Facebook: Greg Bray - Writer.

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