LETTER: Recruiting more front line health staff

Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga says the LNP should stop its scaremongering around job cuts at Queensland Health
Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga says the LNP should stop its scaremongering around job cuts at Queensland Health Chris Ison ROK080716cbike3

THE LNP must end its campaign of lies surrounding front line job cuts as the Palaszczuk Government continues recruiting where it counts. The Palaszczuk Government is getting on with the job of hiring more crucial front line health staff.

Our government promised Queenslanders we would rebuild the health system decimated by the Newman LNP Government - and that's what we are doing.

In the past year, Queensland Health has added an additional 4183 full-time equivalent staff and 93 per cent of the increase in staffing has occurred in hospital and health services - the organisations responsible for front line service delivery. Of these staff, 3070 were clinical positions.

The facts are that in the past year, the Palaszczuk Government has employed 1940 new nurses, 651 new doctors and 479 new allied health professionals, which is a stark contrast to the more than 4000 health jobs cut under the LNP.

And in the year ahead, we are expected to inject another 1300 full-time equivalent staff into the health system.

That's 1300 more full-time equivalent positions helping to deliver better health services for Queenslanders.

Our government is rebuilding front line health services, one health worker at a time.

Chief Executive after Chief Executive from hospital and health services across the state at Budget Estimates on Wednesday confirmed that there would be no cuts to front line staff in their service.

It just goes to show you can't trust the LNP with health.

The LNP need to quit this constant scaremongering fuelled by lies and misinformation and let the evidence speak for itself.

Brittany Lauga MP

State Member for Keppel

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