LEAKED POLL: 41% want new blood for Ipswich mayor

WHO'S NEXT: Former Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale votes at the 2016 mayoral election. A ReachTEL poll has revealed 65% of 647 residents surveyed are yet to decide who will get their vote for mayor on August 19.
WHO'S NEXT: Former Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale votes at the 2016 mayoral election. A ReachTEL poll has revealed 65% of 647 residents surveyed are yet to decide who will get their vote for mayor on August 19. Rob Williams

A ReachTEL poll conducted Tuesday night with 647 Ipswich residents has revealed that 41% of those surveyed intend to vote for someone new and not a current councillor at the August 19 mayoral election.

The poll, leaked to the QT, asked six questions to residents within the Ipswich City Council area about their voting intentions.

The third question in the poll was prefaced by a statement on political donations from property developers and the recent Crime and Corruption Commission hearings.

The question was phrased as follows: Recent Crime and Corruption Commission hearings heard evidence from a number of Ipswich City Councillors about political donations from property developers. Do you think that the new Mayor should be a current Councillor, or someone new from outside the Council?

In response 41% of those asked said they would vote for someone new, 30.9% said a current councillor and 28.1% said they were unsure or don't know.

The poll was conducted when three candidates had confirmed their intention to run for mayor - Acting Mayor Paul Tully, Cr Andrew Antoniolli and 2016 mayoral candidate Gary Duffy.

Patricia Petersen, who has contested numerous elections, told the QT she intended to run but had not done so when the poll was conducted.

The first question ReachTEL asked was: Did you know that there is a by-election for the Mayor of Ipswich following the resignation of Paul Pisasale?

In response 17.8% of those asked said "no" and 82.2% answered "yes".

The next question posed was: Have you decided which candidate you intend to vote for?

Of those surveyed 35% said "yes" and 65% replied "no".

The fourth question asked by ReachTEL was also prefaced by a statement. It read: In recent Crime and Corruption Commission hearings, a Councillor running for the mayoralty gave evidence that he had used the Goodna Community Fund, a community fund set up for fire victims, for his campaign donations. Would this make you more or less likely to vote for that candidate?

Of those asked 8.5% said they would be more likely, 73.4% answered less likely and 18.1% said their vote would be unchanged.

Cr  Tully was questioned by the CCC about the Goodna Community Fund, which received $6000 in election donations for the 2016 election.

But he stressed that all funds that had been donated since 2008 into the fund for community purposes had been used for that purpose.

The final two questions related to Ipswich rates which went up 2.95% on average in Ipswich for the 2017-18 year.

The fifth question posed was: Do you think Ipswich rates are too high, too low or about right?

Of the residents quizzed 63.5% said they were too high, 32.6% said they were about right and 3.9% declared they were too low.

The final question asked was: If a candidate proposed to cut Ipswich rates by 7.5% would this (make you) more likely or less likely to vote for them?

The answers revealed 54.1% of respondents were more likely, 13.8% less likely and 32.1% of those questioned said their vote would be unchanged.

It is not yet known who commissioned ReachTEL to conduct the poll.

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