Gladstone teen 'laughing hysterically' in police escape

TROUBLED teen Tijana Andrews, who was part of an all-female wild street brawl at an ANZ Gladstone bank in September while on conditional liberty, is back in jail after escaping police custody at the watch-house.

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Andrews, 19, did a runner following her arrest by Gladstone police officers on a Return to Prison warrant on other matters.

Police said she was "laughing hysterically" when she fled on foot down Auckland St after unlocking a door of a police car at the police complex before a security roller door closed in the watch-house holding area.

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Tijana Andrews (Facebook)
Tijana Andrews (Facebook)

Andrews, now an inmate of the Brisbane Women's Prison, appeared via video link before Gladstone Magistrates Court to plead guilty to escaping lawful custody and obstructing police. Prosecutor Gavin Reece said police sought for her sentence to be cumulative to the sentence she was now serving for an earlier offence.

Mr Reece said she had been sentenced in March to a six-month jail term for the assault of an officer but released immediately to parole. Andrews was also on a three-year probation order.

Mr Reece said a jail term of up to to nine months could be imposed because of her criminal history and the facts around her escape.

He said Andrews had been avoiding police for some weeks after the warrant was issued but on July 1 officers went to a unit complex and she answered the door. Andrews then ran back through the flat and out the back door.

With police officers in pursuit yelling for her to stop, she jumped a back fence then moments later went into her mother's unit.

Andrews was arrested, put into the back of a police car and driven to the Gladstone watch-house.

Mr Reece said she was winding the electric car windows up and down with police unable to lock the mechanism.

Parked in the holding bay, Andrews wound down the window, reached out and unlocked the rear door then ran off before the roller door closed. An officer arriving at the scene saw her running on Auckland St laughing hysterically and he too gave chase and arrested her.

Mr Reece said Andrews has multiple offences including assault, assault/ obstruct police, drug and street offences and had previously received jail terms.

Magistrate Melanie Ho adjourned sentence until a new probation report was available.

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