DAYTIME television queen Kerri-Anne Kennerley has delivered some much-needed support to fellow TV presenter Sonia Kruger, who ignited controversy by saying she wanted to stop Muslim immigration.

Ms Kennerley told the Daily Mail on Monday night that the reactions to Ms Kruger's comments were "appalling beyond belief".

She said her television peer should "stay brave" in the face of the attacks.

"I think it's appalling, with freedom of speech, where people have an opinion and everybody else finds the need to slam someone," she said.

"We are living in a democratic country. We do need people to have varying opinions and it should be treated with respect so therefore everybody should have their freedom of expression."

Ms Kruger is reported to now be spending time with friends on the Gold Coast.

At the time, Ms Kruger was referring to a newspaper column following the terror attacks in Nice.

As part of the "Mixed Grill" segment on morning television, on Muslim immigration she said:

"Personally, I would like to see it stop now for Australia."

"I want to feel safe, as all of our citizens do when they go out to celebrate Australia Day, and I'd like to see freedom of speech."



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