LETTER TO THE ED: Who deserves 'suspended' coffees?

WHO CHOOSES? One reader says there are many in need in the community, not just the homeless, that would appreciate a suspended coffee.
WHO CHOOSES? One reader says there are many in need in the community, not just the homeless, that would appreciate a suspended coffee. CONTRIBUTED

AS A part of our community conscience, we take part in the suspended coffee movement - where people buy a coffee and we "suspend" the purchase until someone in need comes in to use it.

One of the comments we occasionally receive is that the coffee is only to be given to "the right people".

This got me to thinking, "who are the right people when it comes to those in need?" and "who am I to decide?"

Many people's thoughts would go straight to the homeless; which is natural, however there can be many other needs in the community and although a suspended coffee is not going to transform someone's world, it might take the dreariness and pressure away for a few moments at least.

Think about the mother who stays at home with her children while dad goes to work.

They make ends meet every week, however the idea of taking time out to catch up with friends over a coffee would mean that mum is taking four or five dollars out of the family budget to spend on herself... heaven forbid.

What about the carer who has given up his or her job to take care of a loved one and now depends on a pension?

The other group of people we come across fairly regularly are those travelling into town from rural areas for medical treatments. These people are tired, stressed and trying to cover unexpected expenses.

Many of these people are not homeless, are well dressed and are not looking for their next meal.

Are they "the right people"?

In our book, anyone who would enjoy, but can't afford the luxury of sharing coffee and a chat to help them get through their day is "the right people" and we welcome them, no questions asked.

 - BETH BOORER, co-owner Take the Plunge cafe


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