Judge warns ice user of uphill battle with addiction

"YOU'RE no boy now. You're 43 and it will be an uphill battle for you," a judge has told a Bundy drug offender.

Judge Brendan Butler SC told convicted ice user Simon Prescott that drug addiction was not easy to end but it had been to his credit that he stopped offending for about five years while looking after his children.

Prescott pleaded guilty in the District Court to supplying a dangerous drug, methylamphetamine, on July 16, 2016 at West Bundaberg; and possession of a mobile phone used in connection with the supply of a dangerous drug.

Prescott also pleaded guilty to six lesser offences including cannabis possession; having drug utensils, unlawful possession of water pipe and hose; and possession of a safe suspected to be tainted property.

Crown prosecutor Carly Whelan said Prescott had prior drug offences including methylamphetamine (ice) and his latest offences done while on suspended sentence for drug offending.

She sought for the six months jail sentence (suspended) to be activated.

Ms Whelan said police searched Prescott's house and his mobile phone held a text message that was an agreement to supply ice to a person.

Items used in the consumption of marijuana and methylamphetamine were found and a small amount of marijuana in a bowl.

Inside his garage was a safe that police say was unlawfully obtained.

"He is a mature man with a lengthy criminal history," Ms Whelan said.

Defence barrister Jessica Horne said it was a very low level offence, an offer to supply to a friend with no evidence he would profit.

Judge Butler said they had been locking up Prescott for some years but he just kept using drugs. And sentences of personal deterrence in the past had not worked.

"It is to your credit that you stayed off drugs for a while but seems it all got unstuck and you got back on drugs," Judge Butler said.

Prescott was sentenced to nine months jail for the supply offence and lesser terms for the other offences.

The previous suspended sentence was activated and a parole release date set on November 30.

When released, Prescott will be on supervised parole for six months.

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