Is this the one thing Greens and One Nation agree on?

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IT MAY be the one issue One Nation and Greens agree on.

The two minor parties have agreed to support all the policies childcare providers are crying out for.

The Greens and One Nation said they would fund kindergarten for three-year-olds - a policy the LNP did not back and Labor said it would consider.

But only one party fully supports the Local Government Association of Queensland's method for improving literacy.

The Greens said they fully supported $20 million over four years for the First 5 Forever family literacy program. Labor, the LNP, One Nation and Katter's Australian Party all agreed in part with the policy.


The Early Learning and Care Council of Australia asked Labor, the LNP, One Nation and the Greens if they would support a range of childcare measures, including funding kindergarten for three-year-olds.

Goodstart Early Learning advocacy manager John Cherry said he was pleased all parties had promised to continue funding for four-year-old children to attend kindergarten.

"It was also great to see support from all parties to further measures to support disadvantaged children to access early learning, particularly in rural and regional areas and in indigenous communities," he said.

"The role of the state government in funding and regulating services is vitally important and the commitments the parties have now given will be important to parents right across the state."

The LGAQ asked the parties if they supported 10 policies - including using council-run libraries to help improve child literacy.

The association rated Labor and the LNP as the two best performers on overall council issues. The LNP agreed fully or partially with all the association's policies and Labor disagreed with only its industry relations policy.

Association chief Greg Hallam said whichever party won the election must work closely with councils.

"Both Labor and the LNP have committed to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in local infrastructure because they understand these projects drive jobs growth and regional economies," he said

"The next state government needs to appreciate that this amounts to real jobs and real economic benefit for local communities." - Geoff Egan

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