REIQ embraces changes

IN this first-ever REIQ CEO column written exclusively for APN publications, I want to introduce myself as well as reintroduce the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) to you.

I have been the CEO of the REIQ for 18 months now, and have been tasked with reinvigorating an organisation which this year celebrates its 95th birthday.

I am sure many of you have heard the acronym 'REIQ' whenever you've been buying or selling property. In fact, it is a name that has been synonymous with best practice and professionalism for nearly 100 years.

Historical records show that the REIQ's inaugural president wrote: "The total suppression of dishonourable practices and retaliatory actions is our goal and the pleasant prospect of universal confidence amongst members of our profession is well worth striving for."

Queensland has experienced massive changes to our social and economic landscape, the property market, and the regulation of our industry during the past 95 years.

We've also weathered two world wars; other global conflicts; recessions; natural disasters; and the inflow of millions of people into the state. But even after such dramatic events and change, the REIQ continues to strive towards that ultimate goal first outlined more than nine decades ago.

The REIQ in 2013 is a well-respected and trusted organisation that has fought hard over the years to improve the reputation and professionalism of our industry.

Today, we undertake political advocacy on behalf of our members as well as provide them with property research, advice and training; we act as a source of real estate products; and we are seen as a leading authority on real estate and related matters in the Queensland and nationwide media.

As well as celebrating a milestone birthday this year, the REIQ is also anticipating the release of updated and contemporary legislation which will help drive our profession - and the thousands of committed individuals who work within it - forward.

The institute has been consulted many times by the State Government during the current reviews of the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act and the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act.

The draft legislation will be released in coming months so we are hopeful the new laws will balance consumer rights with a raft of other improvements which will cut red tape in the real estate sector and make life easier for all involved.

One of our aims is for any additional costs associated with real estate transactions to be minimised through the reduction of red tape.

I'm sure this column will detail such events as they come to pass but as always I am open to suggestions on any topics which may be of interest to you.

Until next month, all the best, Anton.

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