OPINION: Don't make me attend another horrific car crash

I CANNOT stress enough the importance of motorists practising safe driving every time they get behind the wheel.

As a journalist I've attended my fair share of fatal traffic crashes and there are some that haunt me still.

I've spoken to the grieving families who have lost loved ones because of a traffic crash.

And I've covered consequential court cases for those charged with dangerous driving causing death or grievous bodily harm.

They are tragic situations in which there are no winners.

Mackay has a reputation for terrible drivers.

In fact it's one of the only places where I feel nervous getting behind the wheel.

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No matter how on point my driving might be, I have no control over how others behave on the road and that's the scary part.

Mackay police are urging all drivers in the district to get behind Road Safety Week.

It's a state-wide initiative and the first of its kind that focuses on encouraging the community to take responsibility for their driving habits.

With a rise in popularity for electronic devices, driver distraction is on the rise.

And taking your eyes off the road for even a moment to check your phone can have devastating consequences that will affect not only the rest of your life but the lives of another family as well.

The Daily Mercury will be supporting Road Safety Week both in print and online - I urge all drivers to take heed of the very important message.

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