Paris Satine from Scarlet Harem, Kunda Park.
Paris Satine from Scarlet Harem, Kunda Park. Iain Curry

Could it be a happy ending for this iconic brothel?

QUEENSLAND'S first legal brothel, which shut its doors in May, is rehiring.

Scarlet Harem, based in Kunda Park, has a new telephone message when people give it a call.

"Thank you for phoning Scarlet Harem, we apologise for any inconvenience, our renovations are taking longer than expected", it says.

"We will be reopening soon with lovely Scarlet ladies."

The message then asks for anyone looking for employment to contact a number provided.

The problem is, Scarlet Harem no longer has a license to operate as a legal brothel.

The Prostitution Licensing Authority advised in May the licensee, Paris Satine, had voluntarily surrendered the licence.

Scarlet Harem is not listed as one of the 22 legal brothels in Queensland.


The sign on the building in May.
The sign on the building in May. John McCutcheon

The only brothel listed on the Sunshine Coast is Lush in Marcoola.

It is understood it is not legal for a brothel to advertise without a license.

Scarlet Harem's mobile number for ladies to call looking for a job is also not being answered.

The female voice does remind people Scarlet Harem is a "multi award winning brothel".


Scarlet Harem at Kunda Park.
Scarlet Harem at Kunda Park. John McCutcheon

The voice says it is also "now the winner of best brothel overall in Australia" and then again requests people looking for work to leave their contact details.

Scarlet Harem opened as Moulin Rouge in 2002. It won the Sunshine Coast Access Advisory Network award for going above and beyond in providing disability access in 2014.

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