Hundreds of jobs to come as Adani buys up quarry land

ADANI has secured land for six quarries along the proposed rail line corridor from Abbot Point to the company's Carmichael coal mine with hundreds of jobs expected to be created at each site.

The Indian miner will develop new or use existing quarries along the rail corridor to service its construction requirements for both the planned rail line and roads.

Adani spokesman Ron Watson said one of the new quarries would be created at Twin Hills, about 140km northwest of Clermont.

"It's part of the company's regional strategy," he said.

"Twin Hills is different quality so it will probably be more road-based, so for road construction and cement."

Mr Watson said camp sites would be set up along the rail corridor for construction crews working on the quarries.

"They will work from there and build about 25km sections and then move on to another section," he said.

"Where there is an existing quarry that's close to the corridor we will try and use it and there will be quarries opened up along the corridor. Once construction is finished, they can be used by others."

JOBS: List of total workforce skills over the years with the Adani Carmichael Mine project.
JOBS: List of total workforce skills over the years with the Adani Carmichael Mine project. Contributed

Mr Watson said using the quarries was dependent on the rail line's funding arrangements moving forward.

"(There will be) a couple hundred (employees) required at each camp, there could be more than that," he said.

Meanwhile Stop Adani is ramping up its campaign with the Townsville leg of its tour of summits held tonight. The summit will be held at the Railway Estate Community Centre between 6pm and 8pm.

Mackay Conservation Group community organiser Maggie McKeown said stopping Adani accessing a $1 billion loan from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility was key to their campaign.

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