How to hack Apple and blame the disabled

Facebook fury over Myer boss' comments on disability levy

Retail giant Myer has been questioned over its new advertising strategy of demonising the disabled.

CEO Bernie Brookes made comments last week that the proposed NDIS levy would take away money that could be spent at Myer stores.

Several charities have offered to take a collection for Mr Brookes after a 2011 pay-cut took his pay down to $1.6 million a year before bonuses.

Sure, you can have a pay rise - just get a company logo tattoo

New York Real estate company Rapid Realty has offered a 15% pay rise to staff who get the company logo tattood to their body.

The tattoo could be inked anywhere on the body, resulting in awkward moments during a staff meeting where the tattoos were shown off.

A similar loyalty scheme to tattoo barcodes to the forehead of politicians has been met with community-wide support.

Australia has least generous unemployment benefit

Australia Institute research shows Australia has the least generous unemployment benefits in the developed world.

The research also revealed that raising the Newstart allowance by $50 would cost less than half what taxpayers give to miners each year.

The situation arose after both mining and welfare policies were code-named 'Scorched Earth'.

Google sneaks Siri competitor onto Apple app store

Google has tricked Apple into selling one of its most popular iPhone-beating apps.

The voice-activated search app Google Now competes with Apple's similar Siri software.

Google denies this is a new tactic, pointing at the iPhone's feature set as Android's best selling point.

New research paves way for quantum super computers

Australian researchers have made a significant step toward a potentially species-changing 'Quantum Internet'.

The new techniques could result in unheard-of advances in science, communication and downloading porn

Three journalists died of jargon toxicity while attempting to report on the breakthrough.

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