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How to cure boredom online and poison the waterhole

WARNING: This article is satirical and contains falsehoods for comic effect. Rated not suitable for PR staff. 

Yahoo is on a shopping spree, but should it do the Hulu?

Yahoo is following its widely appluaded purchase of Tumblr by making a bid for online TV service Hulu.

The search giant wants to pay $600 million for the $2 billion company that made $700 million last year but won't declare if it made a profit.

The market has responded well the to news that Yahoo's string of entertainingly poor decisions hasn't ended.

Mine approved despite complete destruction of water supply

A major mine planned for Central Queensland has been approved.

The go-ahead comes despite warnings it would cause the the permenant loss of local water supplies.

When asked about the oversight, Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney replied "I drink your milkshake!"

Welcome to the strange new world of cyber espionage

Chinese cyber-spies have allegedly stolen blueprints for ASIO's new Canberra Headquarters.

At the same time ASIO has allegedly been caught bugging China's new Embassy.

When asked how small businesses can ensure their data is secure an ASIO representative collapsed with laughter.

Aussies spend 4.4b hours online on mobile phones

Independent research by Virgin Mobile has revealed that Aussies spend 4.4 billion hours a year on their phone.

The survey also found that women are more likely to download apps to help them with every day tasks and directions.

A new project aims to discover why men can't bring themselves to ask even a phone for directions.

What happens on the internet in 60 seconds

Buzzfeed has done the math and compiled a list of what happens on the Internet every 60 seconds.

The list includes 204 million emails sent, 200,000 google searches and 200,000 people streaming porn.

Absent were the 60 million people furiously mashing the refresh key to get their latest hit of internet kittens.

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