Girl saves mum after machete attack

Charli Allen, 8, with her mum Jo, who was brutally attacked with a machete. Picture: Peter Wallis
Charli Allen, 8, with her mum Jo, who was brutally attacked with a machete. Picture: Peter Wallis

A BRISBANE schoolgirl has recounted how she helped saved her mother's life moments after a savage attack by a machete-wielding man in the front yard.

Charli Allen's father, Leigh, had dropped her off at her mum's Moorooka home on October 5, with a birthday cake, for what was to be a quiet afternoon of birthday celebrations.

The lively Year 2 student was sitting on the back steps of the Gladstone St home, when she heard the front gate open.

"She went to the front door, and then she went outside and shut the door, then it happened," Charli said.

Police allege that at about 5.30pm, an altercation broke out between the man and Charli's mum, Jo.

The man struck Jo with a machete a number of times.

"I was thinking why did it happen? And that's all I thought," Charli said.

The eight-year-old rang her father, screaming hysterically.

While a neighbour rang triple-0, Charli leapt into action using information she had gleaned from Animal World, a book series her father buys her each week.

"Dad buys me books every week, and I read them and I know if you get a cut on your arm or on your hand you have to raise it above your heart," she said.

Charli turned her bleeding mother on to her side and used a towel to wrap her arm before lifting it up to slow the blood loss.

Mr Allen said by the time he arrived his ex-partner had lost so much blood her lips had started to turn blue.

"When I got there I saw Charli holding her mother's arm and screaming, 'is mummy going to die?'," Mr Allen said.

Charli, whose mum spent 10 hours in surgery as doctors worked to save her hand, is modest about her quick-thinking and capable reaction.

"I just knew what to do," she said.

Too distraught to speak, Jo still lives in fear as her attacker remains on the loose.

Queensland Police confirmed no arrests have been made.

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