Homes go green with govt loans

THE Australian government's Green Loans Program initiative has been launched in Ipswich to encourage locals to reduce their energy costs and help reduce carbon emissions.

Member for Blair Shayne Neumann said the time for homeowners to plan a “green renovation” had never been better, with a wealth of government rebates and programs to help Australians improve the efficiency and sustainability of their homes.

Green audits, valued at $250 each, are fully subsidised by the federal government.

Brisbane Energy Audits director Ian Gittus is a specialist in advising households on becoming “green” in their home and has been accredited by the Australian government as an assessor to advise people in the Ipswich and surrounding areas.

“The Green Loans Program helps Australians make the right choices for their home and their budget by providing tailored information from in-home assessments and low cost funding from financial partners,” he said.

“I am delighted to be a part of this proactive and grass roots initiative.”

Each year the average Australian household contributes 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas to the atmosphere and draws an average 292,000 litres or 73,000 buckets of water.

“Through Green Loans we are making it easier for 360,000 Australian homeowners to learn what they can do to make their homes more energy efficient from an accredited assessor,” Mr Gittus said.

“The fact is that for many households the assessor will identify simple, low-cost actions like changing light globes. However, there will also be larger-scale recommendations, many of which can now be adopted at a reduced or zero cost thanks to the government's unprecedented investment in energy efficiency - namely installing solar PV or solar hot water or ceiling insulation.”

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