Worker loses compensation fight and claimed threatening call

A ROCKHAMPTON health worker has lost an appeal to try to get compensation after claiming she was injured while at work.

Joanne Hilliar worked in the payroll department at Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service.

A judgment handed down by he Industrial Relations Commission recently said she spotted an issue with overtime payments for two workers in September 2010 and reported it.

Ms Hilliar said she received a threatening phone call, asking her if she was the "nosy c***" who had been had been "snooping in payroll business" and she took the rest of the week off work.

She also tried to find her personnel file - containing her contact details - but claimed it was missing.

Ms Hilliar said these incidents and the lack of investigation by Queensland Health contributed to a psychological injury.

She had worked with Queensland Health since April 2010.

In November last year the workers compensation regulatory body determined she was not eligible to receive compensation.

But she appealed, saying she was entitled to compensation under legislation which says workers can apply on psychological grounds if employment was a significant contributing factor to the injury.

The industrial relations commission found that Ms Hilliar's employment was a significant contributing factor but a commission judgment said she should not be compensated because her employer had taken reasonable action.


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