GAINING GROUND: Pauline Hanson could be set for the Senate if Ipswich support on the ground is replicated across the state.
GAINING GROUND: Pauline Hanson could be set for the Senate if Ipswich support on the ground is replicated across the state. Rob Williams

Hanson on fire in Ipswich and set for stunning return

PAULINE Hanson may be set for a stunning return to politics in the Senate if a trend in Ipswich is replicated across Queensland.

Her One Nation party may also play a key role in the lower house with preference allocations.

The QT has no official poll results in yet, but spot polling as voters left the booth at City Hope Church at Ripley showed support for Ms Hanson was being translated to the ballot box.

The booth did not appear to have a One Nation volunteer on hand when the QT was there, but four of the 10 voters we spot polled said they had voted for her in the Senate and for One Nation candidate Troy Aggett in Blair..

Three respondents had voted for the ALP and three for the LNP in Blair.

Sources at other booths, from both sides of politics, have told the QT that Ms Hanson was getting solid support.

Jack Steinhardt explained why Ms Hanson's One Nation got his vote in the upper and lower house.

"I voted for Pauline Hanson and One Nation because she is the only one who will speak out," Mr Steinhardt said.

"The others haven't got a clue and aren't out to help the working people.

"I voted for her in the senate too, and Derryn Hinch next.

"He is like Pauline and one of the few people who can get us justice.

"There is no justice in Australia. If you kill somebody they virtually slap you on the wrist and say don't do it again."

Another voter said Ms Hanson's policies on protecting farmers' water sources from miners was the reason she got her vote.

"She's Ipswich through and through," Joan, who did not wish to give her surname, said.

"And Pauline has had everyone from all parties try and stop her but she keeps bouncing back.

"I admire her for that and I own property out west with my husband and she is the only one who will protect our water from the miners.

"The other parties have sold us out."

Protecting Medicare, and family traditional voting patterns, were reasons voters gave for sticking with Blair MP Shayne Neumann.

"I voted Labor because I have been a Labor man all on my life and I still think they are the best deal," Brian Keogh said.

"I don't personally know Shayne Neumann, but I think he has represented us fairly well."

LNP candidate Teresa Harding's votes were coming on the back of residents who believe the LNP can look after the economy better.

"I voted for the Coalition because I believe in the integrity and the economic programs of Mr Turnbull," Manuel Lumayag said.

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