Habitual thief scoots on thin ice

AFTER two years of repeated arrests and no jail time, the might of the law has finally come down hard on a young thief.

Daniel Travis McCann rode his scooter to the Ipswich Courthouse this week, to plead guilty to two stealing offences.

Before he appeared in court, the 17-year-old had already racked up nine pages of criminal history in about two years.

His fresh charges involved him stealing a portable speaker and a portable charger from a Dick Smith's in Springfield on July 28.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said officers located the teen in a park shortly after the theft.

The police found one of the stolen items stashed under a nearby bush and the other in McCann's backpack.

McCann told the court he had nothing to say in his defence.

After reviewing McCann's criminal history, magistrate Stuart Shearer noticed that despite the repeated arrests the Redbank Plains teen continued to break the law.

"It's fair to say you are an extreme recidivist offender," he told McCann.

"In the past you've been sentenced to good behaviour bonds, fines, probation and every type of community-based order.

"It's pretty clear that all those therapeutic interventions over the past two years have not done one thing to deter you from committing further offences.

"You've been involved in a whole lot of burglaries, stealing offences - the list goes on and on".

Mr Shearer told McCann that when the penalties imposed on repeat offenders didn't deter their criminal behaviour, then the penalties went up.

McCann was sentenced to three months in jail, suspended for two years and ordered to pay $229 in restitution for the stolen items.


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