Greens pledge to give people $1 public transport fares

THE Greens have pledged to drop all public transport fares across Queensland to a $1 fare.

They would make fares for under 18s free, abolish zones across Queensland and move to ensure all public transport came under one state minister.

South Brisbane Greens candidate Amy MacMahon said her party would establish a high frequency bus route on every major road corridor so users could walk down the road to catch a bus without having to check a timetable.

She said the Greens plan would result in a 15% increase in public transport use.

"People don't catch buses or trains because they are too expensive, too unreliable and too hard to use. Those who do use public transport spend too much money, and wait too long," she said.

Ms McMahon told ABC radio the Greens, which have thrown their support behind Labor's Cross River Rail plan, believed councils should not run public transport across the state, rather one public transport minister should oversee all services including in regions.

"People don't feel these services are reliable or affordable and that's putting more people into cars - driving up congestion, air pollution and noise," she said.

Transport Minister Jackie Trad, who will compete against Ms McMahon for Labor in South Brisbane, told ABC public transport users were most concerned about a "convenient and reliable" service that got them to work on time.

"The prospect of $1 fares sounds fantastic but ultimately it's got to be doable and ... we currently subsidise public transport fares in southeast Queensland to the tune of $1.43 billion a year so we are talking about significantly increasing the additional subsidy," she said. 

LNP Shadow Transport and Main Roads Minister Andrew Powell said: "At the moment, commuters are telling us that they just want the trains to turn up".

"Annastacia Palaszczuk's rail fail has seen 470 services a week cut from the timetable," he said.

"We want public transport to be affordable - that's why it was an LNP Government which cut fares for the first time by five per cent across the state in 2014." - NewsRegional

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