Pokemon Go raising money for charity? Here's how it works

IF you are suffering any guilt from being too obsessed with Pokemon Go, this is for you (and maybe your kids).

You can raise money for worthy charities while playing the game.

It works like this: Pokemon Go's appeal and success lies in the fact that it forces players to move. They need to venture around their suburbs, shopping centres, walking trails, if they really are to "catch 'em all".

Charity Miles is a phone app that donates to a charity of your choice based on how far you walk or run.

Charity Miles uses money from corporate sponsors to distribute the money to the charity of your choice.

That means if you are walking a few kilometres a day to find that damn Geodude that popped up once but you haven't seen it since, you could simultaneously be raising money for the Red Cross or Save the Children.

GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL: Competitive by nature, Brandon Woodham says he's the top dog of Gladstone's Pokemon Go scene.
GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL: Competitive by nature, Brandon Woodham says he's the top dog of Gladstone's Pokemon Go scene. Paul Braven GLA170716POKE

It follows a Gladstone Pokemon player -- thought to be one of the region's best -- admitting he had walked 95km in his daily search for targets.

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Brandon Woodham, 20, told the Gladstone Observer his prolific Pokemon playing was raising money for "Stand Up For Cancer", partly in tribute to his mother and grandmother who have each had to fight the disease.

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Charity Miles founder Gene Gurkoff has already issued a challenge for aspiring Pokemon masters to join the cause.

"We got a big surge over the weekend, and we couldn't really understand what was going on," Mr Gurkoff told The Huffington Post.

"And then we realized: This must be from people using Pokémon Go. If you're out there playing, you might as well help make a difference."


Charity Miles will pay 25c towards every mile (1.6km) walked, or 10c for every mile biked.

Although the figure is capped, in the past four years it has donated about $2 million, including $500,000 in 2015.


A screenshot of the Charity Miles app
A screenshot of the Charity Miles app

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