Gold Coast cop charged for blowing whistle on officers

A GOLD Coast police officer with 25 years' experience now faces up to seven years in prison for allegedly leaking CCTV footage that showed his fellow officers appearing to brutalise chef Nosa Begic, 22.

Police allege Sergeant Rick Flori inappropriately obtained the confidential footage from the police CCTV room.

In the footage taken in early 2012, officers slam the chef's face into the concrete floor of a Surfer's Paradise police station before he is shoved into the back of a van and punched while another officer holds him.

Mr Begic's blood is then washed away by a senior-sergeant who would later quit the force.

The senior-constable who threw the punches was given a suspended dismissal but has returned to duty, according to the Courier-Mail.

The other two escaped punishment.

Sgt Flori now faces charges relating to his alleged leaking of the footage to News Limited.

His home has also been raided.

The case has generated added interest after a Sydney law firm wrote about the case online.

Mr Begic's case was settled out of court. Mr Begic is said to have considered suing Queensland Police Service.
Sgt Flori is now fighting the charges.

Supporters turned out at his most recent hearing at the Southport Magistrates Court in July.

The Queensland Council of Civil Liberties has now made a complaint to the Crime and Corruption Commission.
Deputy President Terry O'Gorman questioned how police had handled the matter.

"How is it that the police who were shown on the video as belting the crap out of this particular person have not been charged and yet the person who has leaked it is now being charged with an offence which could put him in jail?"

Sgt Flori's case has been adjourned until September 18.


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