Glitter sent to MP causes police, hazmat scare

A hazmat unit arrives at NSW Liberal MP Craig Laundy's office, after a letter containing glitter arrived in the mail.
A hazmat unit arrives at NSW Liberal MP Craig Laundy's office, after a letter containing glitter arrived in the mail.

SIX fire trucks, six police cars and a hazmat team rushed to the office of NSW Liberal MP Craig Laundy after he was sent a letter from same-sex marriage campaigners that was filled with glitter.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports Mr Laundy's office mistakenly thought the letter contained a more suspicious substance.

The furious MP did not see the funny side of what he considered "a stupid stunt" by activist group GetUp!

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The group has been dispatching glitter-filled letters to politicians as part of what it calls a "glitter protest".

The MP said the letter went unopened but "clearly had a powder-like substance inside".

On his Facebook page, Mr Laundy vented his frustration at GetUp! while praising the work of emergency services.

"I'm all for organisations making contact with me, but to send any undeclared substance through the mail to the office of a Member of Parliament will inevitably cause alarm and divert important police and emergency services from their critical work," he said.

"Thank you to Burwood LAC - NSW Police Force for their outstanding effort in undertaking a professional response to a grossly irresponsible act."

The incident could have been much worse -- if the letter was opened, the MP would have been finding it in his hair, clothes and carpet for months.

GetUp! sent the letters to 99 MPs who blocked a free vote on same-sex marriage. Mr Laundy's office is the only one to have needed emergency assistance.

GetUp! hasn't escaped unscathed though, at least one MP fought fire with fire, sending the sparkles back to the GetUp! HQ.

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