He drove her home, she stole his credit card for shopping

A GOOD Samaritan's kind deed was kicked back in his face when he was robbed by a woman he gave a ride home to.

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Shae Mary Highley was a back-seat passenger in the Gladstone man's car when she helped herself to his wallet and stole his bank debit card.

She then racked up $200 in paywave purchases using the man's stolen card.

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Shes stole a man's credit car after he picked her up.
Shes stole a man's credit car after he picked her up.

It was a blot on Highley's life as she had no previous criminal offences.

Highley, 22, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to five counts of committing fraud on May 9 and one charge of receiving tainted property.

She admitted before magistrate Melanie Ho that she took the card from the driver's wallet when he left it in the centre console.

Prosecutor Barry Stevens said the debit card was taken at 10.30am after Highley and her friend got a ride home from Kin Kora shopping centre.

Sgt Stevens said the driver knew her as she was a friend of his cousin and Highley asked for a lift.

After dropping the pair off the driver received a text message from his bank at 11.30am querying suspicious activity on his card usage.

Before the card was cancelled it had been used multiple times to buy goods, including tobacco and a pair of sunglasses.

Lawyer Nikki Wawryk said Highley had been using methamphetamine at the time because she was struggling with personal difficulties but had since gone cold turkey.

Ms Ho took into account her otherwise lack of offending but called the offence one of deceit.

Highley was fined $300, a conviction not recorded, and she was ordered to pay $100 as her share of restitution.

Her friend, co-accused, will face court at a later date.

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