Aussie Pokemon Go gamer walks 95km in the rain to catch them all

IF YOU enjoy a coffee or a drink at Lightbox you would have seen Brandon Woodham working hard waiting tables and serving drinks.

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But what you may not know about Mr Woodham, 20, is that he is arguably Gladstone's top Pokemon Go player.

Although Mr Woodham said there was only one person in Gladstone who had a higher level than him, because of the "strength" of his Pokemon - he was the top dog.

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GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL: Competitive by nature, Brandon Woodham says he's the top dog of Gladstone's Pokemon Go scene.
GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL: Competitive by nature, Brandon Woodham says he's the top dog of Gladstone's Pokemon Go scene. Paul Braven GLA170716POKE

Pokemon Go is a new craze which has taken the world by storm and polarised opinions.

Players of the game wander around outside with their phones and "catch" Pokemon at different locations.

On Saturday in the pouring rain The Observer spotted a bunch of young men walking around East Shores with their phones out, presumably searching for Pokemon.

In the first week Mr Woodham downloaded the game, he said he played it "a lot" but only in his spare time.

And while he was not sure about how many hours he had played the game for, he said in the first week he walked a total of 95km searching out different virtual Pokemon and defending his "Yellow team's gyms".

He said the furthest he walked in one go was from Lightbox to Gladstone Airport and back again. That works out to be just under 13km, according to Google Maps.

"It's great because it gets you active," he said.

"It's good too because it has brought a lot of people together."

He said between 200 and 300 people walked through East Shores per day playing the game.

But now in his second week of playing the game he said he was "just going to pace out" his gaming time.

"I'm pretty competitive [and] I want to be the leader of the best team," he said.

"There are three teams and I'm in the Yellow team [and] we're just destroying the world at the moment.

"It's not too hard because you just start to learn about new areas where you can catch certain Pokemon," Mr Woodham said.

Mr Woodham's list of go to hotspots included outside of Gladstone Library, the post office, East Shores, Ribs and Rumps and the Yacht Club.

With the number of Pokemon Go players congregating in certain areas, Mr Woodham said he hadn't seen any arguments or fights break out.


Commenting on The Observer Facebook page, responding to some of the less favourable social media 'commentators' out there, Brandon Woodham wrote: "Just so everyone knows every walk raises money for "stand up for cancer" which my mother luckily beat at the same time her mother passed from it. Pokemon was also big in my childhood which wouldn't have been so awesome without my mother so this is raising money for cancer research."

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