Friends tried to snort and light powder in golf ball bomb

PARAMEDICS have described a chaotic scene when they arrived at a Leichhardt house after a homemade bomb blew off a teen's hands.

Mark Anthony Tear, 39, and Glen Charles Dell, 44, pleaded not guilty in the Ipswich District Court this week to charges stemming from the incident.

Both men have been charged with grievous bodily harm.

The court heard a group of friends found the golf ball bomb in Everdinah St before taking it to a friend's house in nearby Dampier St where the explosion occurred.

The teen, who cannot be named, sustained serious injuries in the blast and lost several digits from both hands.

Paramedic Kevin Freeman told the court on Thursday the teen was extremely distressed when they arrived at the scene.

He said emergency services were first alerted to the incident on May 10, 2013 at 2.18pm before arriving at the house four minutes later.

"There was a lad there who was very distressed and had a towel wrapped around his hands," he said. "His injuries were extremely severe and he had extensive soft tissue damage to both hands.

"Basically his hands were destroyed except for one of his pinky fingers.

"He also had a lot of shrapnel embedded in his torso, arms and near his knee."

Aaron Midgley, who lived at the Dampier St address, said he was at home helping his mother when his sister came home with a group of friends.

He said the group showed him a golf ball they had found which had white power inside.

"It looked like washing powder but it had ball bearings inside," he said. "They thought it was drugs but it looked like a bomb to me.

"They poured a bit of the powder on the table and were going to snort it before someone tried to light it with a Zippo."

Mr Midgley told the court he went back inside the house and about 20 minutes later he heard the explosion.

"I raced outside and there were people running around screaming . . . it was chaotic," he said. "I saw (the teen) and he was very distressed and I told my sister to go get some wet towels and to call triple 000."

The trial before Judge Sarah Bradley continues.

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