Court hears accused threatened to shoot magistrate

"Free scott orr ya scum dog c**ts or i will shoot a magistrate".

Those were the words written in a message to Queensland courts and shown to a jury at Brisbane District Court on Tuesday.

Redbank Plains man Steven Roy Evans is on trial after pleading not guilty to nine charges including stalking and using a carriage service to threaten to kill and threaten to cause serious harm.

It is alleged Mr Evans was behind threats that were sent to Ipswich courthouse in 2013.

On the second day of his trial on Tuesday, a jury was shown a message that was written on a feedback form attached to the Queensland court system's website.

The message included an email address and phone number.

The phone number belonged to a man named Matthew Orr.

The message said: "Free scott orr ya scum dog c**ts or i will shoot a magistrate".

But in the witness box on Tuesday, Matthew Orr gave evidence saying he did not send this message and had never left feedback relating to the Queensland court system.

He also said the Scott Orr mentioned in the message could refer to his brother.

He was not sure whether his brother was in jail at the time the message was allegedly sent in 2013.

Matthew Orr said he did not know the accused.

He said he had been through the Ipswich Magistrates Court previously.

The jury was also shown a message from another email address that appeared to have Matthew Orr's name attached to it.

The email address started with "ihatescummydogs" and Matthew Orr told the court he had never had an email address featuring those words.

On Tuesday the jury was also told what led up to Mr Evans's arrest.

A security manager who worked at Mt Ommaney shopping centre in 2013 gave evidence and explained how, on March 1 that year, police phoned and asked him to check whether there was anyone on a laptop in an area of the shopping centre where there was free Wi-Fi.

He told the court he spotted one man with a laptop and could not see anyone else using a laptop.

He said he followed the man, who police then arrested.

The trial continues. - ARM NEWSDESK

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