Flat tyre on dangerous section of Bruce Highway: Opinion

I was stuck in a dangerous section of the Bruce Highway.
I was stuck in a dangerous section of the Bruce Highway.

IT'S always been one of my biggest fears. 

Getting a flat tyre on a dangerous section of the Bruce Highway without my husband, brother or dad in the car. 

Well someone was looking out for me on Sunday when I was put into this exact scenario. 

I was heading to Hervey Bay from Rockhampton, on my own, when my steering started to shake and next thing I knew I heard a loud sound and was on the edge of the highway in a section that was pretty scary. 

I didn't have a lot of room to pull over and a little bit of panic set in. 

As you do, I got out and raced around to see how bad it was. 

Lets just say I did a good job. 

My first instinct was to call my husband, who was in Hervey Bay, a little over three hours away from my current location. 

So in other words there wasn't much he could do. 

Have you ever had a flat tyre on the Bruce Highway and been caught out in a dangerous situation?
Have you ever had a flat tyre on the Bruce Highway and been caught out in a dangerous situation?

And I have never learnt to change a tyre, plus being a Suzuki Swift - the spare tyre can only travel at 80km max. 

Oh dear. 

Lucky for me a nice guy by the name of Nifty saw a woman in danger on the side of the Bruce Highway. 

He pulled over about 20 metres ahead where there was a safer area to the side the road. 

Nifty drove my car - steadily to where he was parked so I was out of danger and changed my tyre. 

It's good to know there are some great people out there willing to help. 

I knew it was going to be one hell of a slow drive home. 

About 30km north of Miriam Vale, I made the steady trip home, putting my hazard lights on whenever a truck or vehicle got super close behind me. 

Thank goodness I made it home safe and that it happened before there were multiple overtaking lanes. 

I certainly feel the pain of drivers who can't go much faster than 80km/h.

Lesson to learn? 

How to change a tyre. 

Have you ever been caught out on the side of the highway? Join the discussion and tell us below. 

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