UPDATE: A DAUGHTER has described how her whole life has been "torn apart" following a house fire at Peregian West.

Katie Walker took to Facebook just hours after the blaze yesterday to describe her pain after hearing of the house fire.

The family was not home when the house burnt to the ground yesterday morning but their dog has been missing ever since.

"This is something I don't wish upon anyone in the world. The loss of my home, my dog and 1000 memories that can't be replaced," she said.

Residents and Neighbours comforted the family as they arrived to the horror of seeing their home demolished to rubble.

Neighbours reported hearing a bang at about 10am before seeing smoke and flames.

About eight fire trucks attended the scene and ambulances were on hand. Queensland Fire Inspector Cameron Herbert said water supply issues hampered efforts.

"Queenslanders can go up pretty quickly. Unfortunately we were impeded by the lack of water supply," he said.

"We're all on tank water out here," a neighbour explained.

"The firefighters have to use tanks and get water out of people's pools to put it out.

"It's just devastating for the family."

Water was accessed from a dam and a couple of pools on neighbouring properties.

The fire is under investigation but does not appear suspicious.

A couple of gas bottles were believed to have caused the explosion.

Ms Walker said she would start a donations page to support my family and any help would be greatly appreciated.

"My parents built this house 20 years ago and it breaks my heart to see all of their hard work being torn away from them," she said.

The post has attracted more than 100 likes and Facebook members have offered places to stay, clothes, food, and even a photo shoot to help replace some of the family's mementos lost in the blaze.

UPDATE: A PEREGIAN Beach home has been "totally destroyed" in a fire this morning.

Sunshine Coast Daily photographer John McCutcheon is on scene and said the house was destroyed and still smoking prolifically but there were no more flames visible.



He said the whole street was cordoned off and was full of police and more than a dozen firies.

A QFES media spokesman said the blaze was no under control and fire crews were now just "dampening down" the house.

He said no other houses were affected by the fire thanks to protection strategies undertaken by crews.

The cause of the fire is not yet known, but firefighters said it was not suspicious.



UPDATE:  A TWO storey Peregian Beach home has now had a "total structural collapse" after a blaze started at 9.45am this morning.

A QFES media spokewoman said all persons had been accounted for and firies were still actively fighting the fire at 11.10am.

The Walker family lost all of their possessions when their home of about 20 years was razed fire fire at Peregian Beach.
The Walker family lost all of their possessions when their home of about 20 years was razed fire fire at Peregian Beach.

UPDATE: A TOTAL of six crews are now working to put out a house fire in Peregian Beach.

Four urban crews and two rural crews are attempting to put out the fire which has engulfed a large queenslander home.

A QFES media spokeswoman said there had been "major structural collapse" and firies were "very much in action" trying to put the blaze out.

Police and ambulance crews are also on scene.


EARLIER: FIREFIGHTERS are currently working to get a house fire in Peregian Beach under control.

Two crews were called to the Lakeshore Place home at 9.45am and are still working to put out the blaze.

A QFES media spokesman said the house was "well-involved" by the fire.

No people are reported to be injured but paramedics are on stand by.

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