Now is the time to fill up if you can.
Now is the time to fill up if you can. Trevor Veale

Fill up now before fuel prices spike to two-year high

RACQ has urged motorists to fill up now, amid speculation bowser prices could reach a two year high by next week.

The region was at the bottom of the price cycle, and while unleaded prices had not fallen as low as they had in previous cycles this year, the motoring body said now was the time to buy.

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RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said it appeared this cycle would be shorter than usual.

"In recent years the price cycle in Southeast Queensland has lasted four or five weeks, however today it's day 22 and prices could rise by next week," she said.

"With some servos selling at or below wholesale, we know these low prices won't last for long.

"The cost of fuel can jump by more than 20 cents a litre when we enter the peak of the price cycle and due to increases in the cost of oil that may push the average ULP price to about 145cpl, which we haven't seen since in the southeast since August 2015.

"With families trying to save money as we head into Christmas, we're urging motorists to fill up as soon as possible to avoid handing over too much cash to greedy fuel retailers."

Ms Smith said it was vital motorists shopped around before filling up.

"We need to reward service stations selling fuel at a fair price, by shunning those who are overcharging," she said.

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