Pit Bull "Loki" strangely reappears after reported stolen

Kirrily Southall's pet dog stolen from her between hours of Friday night and early Saturday morning. Inset, one of the bones found in her Calliope backyard.
Kirrily Southall's pet dog stolen from her between hours of Friday night and early Saturday morning. Inset, one of the bones found in her Calliope backyard.

JUST hours after The Observer reported on the missing Pit Bull Loki, and after the Southall's decided to report his suspicious disappearance to the police, Loki turned up at the end of the street around 4pm today.

Kirrily said she, her partner and kids were standing out on the street talking to the neighbours after police left their house, when he partner, out of the blue, said "Loki."

"I turned to see where my partner was looking and saw Loki," she said.

"I couldn't believe it.

"He ran up the street as we whistled and called, it was the best homecoming ever."

While Kirrily couldn't be happier that their beloved pet has returned home, Kirrily said she still feels uneasy about his disappearance.

"I still think he was stolen, and wherever he was it was close by," she said.

"He came out of an area that is swamped with mud, but barely had any mud on him, like he had been placed there and walked a little.

"So whether it was because they saw the police at our house, saw your (The Observer) story posted on Facebook groups or saw the poster, whoever took him must have felt guilty."

"But I don't care, I'm just glad he's back - he is the centre of attention with the kids now.

"I'm going out to buy him a chicken carcass, because its his favourite. And some big padlocks."


INSTEAD of seeing her 6-month-old red nosed pitbull and 9 week-old bull mastiff bound towards her in greeting Saturday morning when she went to check on them, Calliope woman Kirrily Southall only saw one dog and two gnawed bones.

Bones she hadn't given to her dogs.

When reality hit that her beloved Loki was gone, Kirrily searched frantically around the home for any dig holes or exit points as her children watched on in confusion.

However, after finding no signs or ways for Loki to get out of the home, which is surrounded by a 6ft fence, Kirrily was forced to face the possibility the family pet had been stolen.

"I didn't go to sleep until about 1.30am on Saturday morning," Kirrily said.

"So when I woke up, we were running late in taking our son to his game, so I didn't even check on the dogs in the backyard until after the game at 9am."

Kirrily believes someone threw the bones over the fence in that time, luring Loki to sweeten the deal, to then jump in the fence and take him unlocking the gate from the inside.

"When we got home from the game I heard the little pup crying in the yard, so I went out to check and saw Loki was gone but the bones were left," she said.

"I called and called for Loki but never heard anything; while my kids asked whether he had run away ... It was like reliving what happened to us four years ago."

While living in NSW the family had another dog stolen called Rocky, but they never heard from him again.

"My kids really loved Rocky, as do they Loki; so its heartbreaking to see them go through it again," she said.

"I have to hold it together for my kids, but its hard."

Living in Calliope, Kirrily said her house has a lot of privacy, and the road near their house isn't a busy one.

"The neighbours didn't see anything - so right now we are just posting it all over Facebook, putting posters up, doing what we can."

"Two of my eldest, who still remember when Rocky went missing, can't stop crying.

HEARTBROKEN: Crystal, 9, Jazmyn, 3 and Connor, Southall, 7.
HEARTBROKEN: Crystal, 9, Jazmyn, 3 and Connor, Southall, 7.

"Jazmyn, 3 has been sitting by the door just waiting for him to come home, saying 'give me my dog back.'"

Kirrily is hoping if someone does have Loki, for them to return him safely.

"Just give us our dog back, we love him so much," she said.

"My kids are devastated; just put him back where you found him."

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