Aerial photos of the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital Photo Steve Ryan
Aerial photos of the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital Photo Steve Ryan Steve Ryan

MP asks how many will die on hospital's access road

THE Queensland Government has promised to upgrade the road network around the Sunshine Coast University Hospital before it opens.

At budget estimates on Friday, Maroochydore MP Fiona Simpson tabled crash statistics for a stretch of the Sunshine Mwy, across the Mooloolah River and to Nicklin Way.

She said the road, which is the hospital's main arterial, was a hot spot for crashes.

"As this is the main arterial access to the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital, how many people will be hospitalised, injured or killed as a result of this arterial road until you have a plan to upgrade it?," she asked Main Roads minister Mark Bailey.

"It is a failing interchange and there is a high death rate and injury rate at that location.

"I am seeking your advice as to what your plan is to fix it."

The document shows since 2009 two people were killed on the road, 57 people were hospitalised and 48 needed medical treatment.

But since 2009, when there were 29 accidents on the road, crashes have declined - with none reported in 2014.

The government was looking at the Sunshine Coast road network in the lead-up to the hospital's opening.

"I am happy to look at, obviously, the document that you have tabled, but I am also happy to inform you that my department is working to prioritise road upgrades and transport initiatives needed to support the access to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, which is due to open late next year," he said.

"We are currently finalising planning for road upgrades in the local area to increase capacity to get people to and from the new hospital and to help relieve congestion along Nicklin Way.

"We are also acutely aware of the significant traffic pressures that the new hospital and health precinct will place on the road network there."

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