Fraser Island
Fraser Island

Explore nature's wonders in a beautiful part of Queensland

Must see:

Fraser Island. I love the fact that one minute you're surrounded by thick, ancient rainforest and the next you're surrounded by sand dunes.

My family and I love to swim in the freshwater lakes and it never ceases to amaze me how crystal clear the water is.

It's definitely something to see for yourself.

Access to Fraser Island from Hervey Bay is a quick 45-minute trip on the barge.

You can explore the island in your own four-wheel drive or take a guided tour.

Must do:

A whale-watching cruise. Hervey Bay boasts the largest and most accessible concentration of whales in the world.

With calm, protected waters, getting on a boat and viewing these creatures is an amazing experience for the whole family.

If it's not whale season then I suggest doing a guided jet ski tour.

It's a great way to see our beautiful waterways and surrounding islands.

Why I love this place:

The Fraser Coast is a place that provides a relaxed atmosphere, as well as a diverse range of things to do - from four-wheel driving to fishing, boating to jet skiing.

Best place to picnic:

I love a barbecue and I love the beach, so being able to choose from so many barbecue spots along the Hervey Bay Esplanade has made it a regular outing for my family.

Best local dish:

My family and I love going to Lilliana's coffee shop for Sunday breakfast.

I'm partial to the Lilliana's big brekkie and a freshly-roasted coffee. It has a nice, open seating area and the menu is big enough to provide something for everyone.

Need to know:

Knowledge on how to relax isn't essential but the desire to relax is.

There is no doubt Hervey Bay will provide you a relaxed, carefree environment.


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