UNEMPLOYMENT: Employment opportunities could surge with new initiative.
UNEMPLOYMENT: Employment opportunities could surge with new initiative.

South Burnett employment is about to surge

THE Wide Bay has the fifth highest unemployment rate in Queensland, according to a government report released last month.

But the South Burnett's unemployment rate dropped by a whopping 26% in the past 15 months.

This suggests 1129 new jobs were created in the South Burnett, which means more people are employed now than just a year ago.

Kingaroy Sarina Russo's Karen Miller said some of the region's industries grew, but others "stagnated or dropped".

She said meat works like Swickers, and aged care reported growth, and were in the position to put more people on.

"I think social welfare in general has increased the amount of positions available," she said.

She said the growth reflected the South Burnett's demographic.

"There's definitely been a trend of people moving to our area that can't afford more expensive areas," she said.

But she said other sectors, like retail and mining, were not so prosperous.

"A lot more people are buying online, and with the decrease in mining, a lot of people like boiler makers are not able to get into that industry anymore," she said.

While she said employment "stagnated" Ms Miller said the South Burnett would soon boast much better employment opportunities.

Ms Miller said the state government's new Back to Work initiative, released July 1, was fantastic news for regions like Kingaroy.

"I think it's a great initiative for both employers and employees," she said.

"Not only will it increase the opportunities for job seekers, it will give them more skills.

"Employers who take advantage of the initiative will also get up to $15,000 over 12 months if they employ someone who's unemployed."

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