Drunk dad snatched baby, ran across road, climbed fence: court

A ROCKHAMPTON father - who ran across a busy road and scaled a 2m high fence while drunk with his five-month-old son clutched to him - has been jailed for endangering the baby's life .

The then 20-year-old, on January 14 last year, had snatched the baby from his mother in Annerley, even though there was a protection order in place preventing him seeing his former partner and child.

Crown prosecutor Mathew Thompson told Brisbane District Court the man, who cannot be named to protect the baby's identity, was fleeing from police.

He said the child was "in real danger" because of the man's deliberate actions.

The court heard at least one vehicle had to brake to avoid hitting them, skidding along the road surface.

The man grew up in Blackwater and Rockhampton, with prior criminal history in both Central Queensland areas.

The man, now 21, was sentenced on Wednesday to 15 months jail with parole after serving three months.

"You had snatched the child and ran away," Judge Tony Rafter said.

"You had been drinking. That would have aggravated the degree of danger to which the child was exposed."

Because the man had already spent 87 days in custody, he could be released on Friday.

But other court matters are likely to prevent his release until a further date.

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