Hospital bed confession about $100k drug operation

AN IPSWICH man was lying in a hospital bed when he decided to contact police and come clean about his $100,000 drug trafficking business.

It led him to being charged; which might not have occurred without his confession, a court has heard.

At the time, Christopher Brian Rodgers wanted to tell police about his drug trafficking so he could go to jail and undergo drug rehabilitation.

He admitted to police that the business was booming and that it was so busy he was sleep deprived.

Rodgers, now 28, was released on bail but the following year he started trafficking again, Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Thursday.

He also stole from family members to pay for his drug habit; he sold $12,500 worth of this mother's jewellery for $1450 and also stole his brother's chainsaw.

Justice Peter Flanagan sentenced him for a string of charges, including drug trafficking, fraud, stealing and possessing dangerous drugs.

Justice Flanagan said while Rodgers initially confessed to police, it was still serious.

The court heard Rodgers sold meth about 10 times a day for about five months.

"It has to be viewed as an extremely serious matter ... because of its effect on the numerous people to whom the drug was supplied," Justice Flanagan said.

Defence barrister Scott Neaves said Rodgers had turned a corner since being in jail; he had completed several courses and was thankful for his time in jail.

"His words, and I recorded them, were 'jail is the best thing for me this time'," Mr Neaves said.

"He says that this was something he really needed to break the cycle."

When handing down a sentence, Justice Flanagan acknowledged Rodgers's remorse and confession to police but said it was serious because he trafficked drugs while on bail.

He sentenced Rodgers to a maximum nine years and will be eligible for parole after serving two years and two months.

Rodgers will be behind bars until at least October next year. Justice Flanagan declared Rodgers's time in jail since being arrested was time served.

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