A shark circling a stingray at Kings Beach.
A shark circling a stingray at Kings Beach. Contributed

Drone footage captures shark hunting stingray

A SUNSHINE Coast photographer has used a drone to capture video of a shark chasing a stingray at a popular beach.

Duende-Images' Jason Cassidy shared his amazing footage taken at Kings Beach yesterday on social media.

It shows a shark circling a stingray before it looks set to go in for the kill.

Mr Cassidy was waiting on the rocks just 30 metres away from the action, impatiently waiting for the sun to set and opted to try out his drone. 

"It was pure luck to be honest," he said. 

"Where I was standing, I had no idea it was out there because of the reflection in the water but the drone footage saw it all. People would be oblivious to what is happening out there. 

"The shark just came into my frame and I didn't know what it was at first. So I zoomed in and followed it." 

He noticed the shark acting a little agitated and then saw the stingray in the bottom of the frame. 

"He was getting a bit spooky, hunting something," he said. 

"Then started to chase the ray and got real close. When he realised what it was he backed off, I think he had second thoughts. 

"I've never shot a shark before so it was really cool. But from what I have heard there are more here than ever." 

Yesterday two fishermen saw a whale shark at Point Cartwright and shared their video. 

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