A Raptor, similar to this one, was stolen from Eatons Hill Veterinary Surgery in Brendale. Photo: contributed
A Raptor, similar to this one, was stolen from Eatons Hill Veterinary Surgery in Brendale. Photo: contributed

Raptor on the run after stolen from vet surgery

A RAPTOR is on the loose on Brisbane's northside after being illegally released from a veterinary surgery.

The 1.5 metre high, two metre long fibreglass grey and black fibreglass dinosaur was stolen on Saturday, July 23 and all that remains are some of its toes.

The Raptor is one of two dinosaurs which normally sit above the eight metre high main gate to the Eatons Hill Veterinary Surgery on South Pine Road at Brendale.

The surgery - and the dinosaurs, which also includes a full size Tyrannosaurus Rex sitting in a garden of cycads - is owned by Allen and Lindy O'Grady, who have offered a $1000 reward for information leading to the capture of the thieves.

"They would have needed a ladder and would need to be pretty game to steal the Raptor as we have a six foot high fence around the property," Mr O'Grady said.

"All I have left of the dinosaur is some toes after it's been broken off."

The Raptors were installed at the surgery about six years ago and it will take about six months before a replacement can be made as the moulds have to come from overseas.

All the dinosaurs have been especially made and are hand painted. The Raptor will cost thousands to replace; the T Rex (which has been at the surgery for about 20 years) would be worth almost $130,000.

The T Rex has also been the victim of vandals - about six months ago heavy stones were thrown at it, causing holes, and some of its teeth were broken.

Mr O'Grady said the dinosaurs were popular with visitors to the surgery.

"Two little girls came in with their mother this week and one asked 'Where's Steven?' Apparently the little girls have names for the dinosaurs and Steven is the one's that's missing. Gary is still here.

"We also have a lot of parents say they always have to drive by and slow down at the surgery."

Mr O'Grady said the property was floodlit at night, but they were considering installing security cameras.

As a vet, Mr O'Grady loves animals and has been fascinated by dinosaurs since he was a kid and used to collect dinosaur cards from cereal boxes.

He collects fossils and has a full dinosaur at home and a 150kg hind leg on his patio. He has also been on a few fossil digs with Queensland Museum outside Toowoomba and with a friend in Morocco.

Anyone with information on the missing Raptor is urged to contact their local police station or Policelink on 131444.

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