Debris hurtles towards motorists in terrifying motorway moment

TERRIFYING dash cam footage has captured the moment debris was sent hurtling into the path of oncoming traffic on the Sunshine Motorway.

Rick Piccinich uploaded the harrowing footage to Dash Cam Owners Australia on Friday, as he headed southbound just past the Mudjimba exit.

Mr Piccinich explained how he helped avoid a disastrous crash, by "following protocol".

"I... instinctively activated my hazard lights in a nanosecond," he said.

"I checked my rear vision mirror, noticed the vehicle behind me getting closer and then observe and react to the obstacles which were now clearly visible ahead to him and other drivers.

"I have observed many times now where this action had averted collision/s with vehicles and every time this happens, risk of injury is dramatically reduced.

"Hasn't seemed to (have) caught on yet, but surely hope it does for everyone's safety."

The footage appears to show a work van and white hatchback avoiding debris flicked up off the road which looks to have come from a caravan pulled up on the shoulder of the motorway further ahead.

The van passes over some of the debris which flies through the air past Mr Piccinich's car.

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