Darling Downs group mocks #coalisamazing ad

A DARLING Downs environmental group has slammed The Minerals Council of Australia's advertising campaign hailing coal's "endless possibilities".

The campaign has been mocked ruthlessly since its release and labelled Australia's "biggest PR failure of the year".

The advertisement asks: "It's coal, isn't it amazing what this little black rock can do?".

The hashtag #coalisamazing is gone viral, but not in the way the council envisioned, with Twitter users parodying the campaign.

Darling Downs Environment Council president Paul King lampooned the ad saying: "We are told coal is amazing. Man has known this since the Stone Age.

"Soil is amazing, fresh air and water are amazing. You'll be amazed with how amazing they are if you ever have to do without.

"What is amazing is that we continue to dig new mines in prime agricultural land.

"It is amazing we have free non-destructive sources of energy and we are trying to kill them.

"Coal mining kills jobs. It sterilises the land permanently. It drinks the water in the aquifers.

"Coal mining is literally digging our own grave."

The campaign as been called Australia's
The campaign as been called Australia's "worst PR fail of the year". Colette Landolt

He said coal was the fuel of the 19th century.

"With 6 billion people the scale of land, water and climate loss is no longer affordable.

"Coal will continue to play a role but it is in decline."

He said new investment must be in renewables.

"It is amazing there are no facts to back the Mineral Council's extraordinary claims," he said.

"It is amazing that Queensland will not get all royalties from the New Acland Mine.

"It is amazing that mining coal is being portrayed as scientific and patriotic when all that is to be gained is short term profit for transnational investors, at the cost of the climate, and what is to be lost is our land."

The Minerals Council of Australia batted away the criticism of its campaign, saying the Twitter backlash was "totally predictable and expected".

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