A man was caught stealing items.
A man was caught stealing items. Bev Lacey

Dad steals items on drug dealer's wish list

PUSHING a shopping trolley full of groceries into a Bundaberg electronics store, Nathan Borg was on a mission - to steal items ordered by his drug dealer, or to sell.

Drug-addicted 40-year-old Borg owed his dealer quite a lot of money.

He planned to steal the goods before entering the JB Hi-Fi store at Stockland, using what Magistrate Belinda Merrin described as his "modus operandi" - to distract the store's security officer.

Borg pleaded guilty to stealing, after a previous conviction, from JB Hi-Fi on November 12.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt said Borg walked into the store pushing a shopping trolley full of groceries.

Snr Cnst Blunt said Borg walked around the store and selected a video-doorbell system worth $299.

Then, after speaking briefly to a security officer, he walked to another area and selected headphones worth $199.

Borg concealed the items in the trolley.

Twenty minutes after entering, Borg again engaged the security officer in conversation at the door then left the store. His trolley was not checked.

Snr Cnst Blunt said staff were suspicious and checked store CCTV footage before contacting police.

Borg told officers he stole the items to pay for his "substantial drug debt".

Borg said he'd been given a list from the drug dealer and he would get a one-third cut.

The offence happened just four days after a court in Hervey Bay sentenced Borg to a suspended jail term for previous stealing offences.

Defence lawyer Lavonda Maloy said Borg was a father of three who developed a drug addiction when a 18 and in jail.

Borg started using ice then opioids, particularly heroin,

Mrs Maloy said.

"He was drug affected at the time. Drug affected people rarely make sensible decisions."

She sought his immediate release to supervised parole to enable Borg to get residential drug rehabilitation.

Ms Merrin said Borg's stealing was an execution of a plan, his MO was to distract the security guard.

Although he had been frank to police, Ms Merrin said Borg's extensive history was not in his favour.

She sentenced him to four months' jail and activated his eight-month suspended sentence.

She set parole eligibility for January.

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