School Holiday Cooking Course
School Holiday Cooking Course

Cooking classes to go virtual after popular kitchen closes

JAMIE'S Ministry of Food kitchen in the Ipswich CBD will offer cooking classes online after shutting its doors due to coronavirus.

Participants who are currently enrolled in classes, or those who would like to learn new recipes and skills, are encouraged to sign up for the online lessons, as it is not known when the kitchen will reopen again.

The Good Foundation chief executive officer Siobhan Boyle said the decision to close Jamie's kitchens across the country was made with the health of teachers and participants in mind.

"I made the call that last Friday would be the last day of operations across the country, and I'm quite pleased that we made that decision early as I feel like we were already one step ahead," she said.

"We wanted to protect our trainers and the people who were coming into the kitchens.

"While we are sad to see the kitchens close, we are excited about the fact that we can trial these new online offerings.

"It is something we have wanted to do for a long time, and with everything that has been happening in the past few weeks, we think this will really appeal to people."

The online videos will begin as live streams where a food trainer will take participants through each step just like they would in the actual kitchen.

But it is hoped in the future more prerecorded videos will be made to allow people to choose a recipe which suits them.

"We are currently testing our live format and that will be really interactive. People can still ask questions as they go," Ms Boyle said.

"One thing that is really important that we want to offer is suggesting ingredient swaps.

"We are aware that some ingredients might be a little short in supply at the moment and people might not be able to get them, so we will adapt these recipes accordingly so people can still access these recipes with ingredients they might already have at home.

"This will give them more confidence to try new things and cook along with us.

"It is also our vision that in the future we will have those prerecorded videos that will offer some more flexibility, allowing people to pick and choose what dishes they would like to create."

Ms Boyle hoped this new way of online learning would inspire people to become more hands-on in the kitchen and experiment with different ingredients.

"This is a great way of keeping cooking skills alive," she said.

Online cooking classes will be available for both adults and children.

Registrations for the online classes are now available. Participants will receive an email when the classes are to go ahead online.

For more information, or to register, log onto

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