Thousands of logs sit on Auckland Point wharf ready to be shipped to China.
Thousands of logs sit on Auckland Point wharf ready to be shipped to China. Allen Winter

Mining company looking for contractor to log property

A MT PERRY mining company is looking for a contractor to log about 500ha on a station it owns west of Bundaberg.

And all it has to do is notify a State Government department and lodge a self-assessable form to go ahead.

In an advertisement in the NewsMail recently Mount Rawdon Operations called for expressions of interest in undertaking the work.

The company owns Swindon Station, a pastoral property near Mt Perry about 100km west of Bundaberg.

In the advertisement Mount Rawdon operations said it had owned the property for 15 years.

"Other than minor informal cattle agistment there has been no defined regrowth or grazing management undertaken over that time," it said.

"Good quality spotted gum regrowth is in evidence on many areas of previously cleared land."

The company said it was developing a management plan that would lead to sustainable native forest management.

This would be combined with grazing land management to maintain the land's future productive potential.

A spokesman for the Department of Natural Resources and Mines said he understood the land in question was freehold land.

"At this stage the landholder is seeking expressions of interest from logging contractors to undertake proposed commercial logging activities on the property," he said.

"The department has been in discussions with representatives of the landholder about the requirements of the 'native forest practice' self-assessable code and the need to notify the department of its intention to undertake commercial logging activities before any work commences."

The spokesman said vegetation management self-assessable codes enabled landholders to undertake property management activities by notifying the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, rather than having to apply for a permit.

"Landholders are encouraged to call a local vegetation management office to ensure they are notifying the department using the correct code before undertaking work," he said.

The spokesman said the Department of Natural Resources and Mines regularly monitored vegetation management activities across Queensland and penalties applied for non-compliance with Queensland's vegetation management framework.

He said more information about the vegetation management self-assessable codes was available at

Mount Rawdon Operations could not be contacted for comment.

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