An example of Sylvia’s work.
An example of Sylvia’s work.

Classes teach art with heart

BUDDING artist June Birmingham had barely picked up a brush before joining the Ipswich Art Society's drawing and painting classes.

Two years later and the Ipswich retiree is able to reproduce life-like scenes, with such an acquired passion for art that she hopes to start entering shows.

Ms Birmingham credits the weekly classes at the Old Ipswich Court House for teaching her the basic techniques that have allowed her beginner's interest to blossom into something more serious.

"I had fiddled with the idea but I was never an artist," she said.

"I get a lot of satisfaction out of creating - and I love the challenge of it.

"Then there is the social aspect of it."

Ipswich Art Society runs classic drawing, life drawing, still life and portrait classes at the Old Court House on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The 40-year-old non-profit organisation invites people of all skill levels to join in.

Art instructor Monica Borzu-Buciu said she taught classical are methodologies while giving her students the chance to express themselves through drawing and painting.

Ms Borzu-Buciu said the historic back drop to the classes could be even more inspiring if more people joined in.

"It's missing a bit of motivation - we need more people, more artists to use the space, because it is wonderful," she said.

Volunteer Kate Douglas said the Art Society was hoping to create a separate class for kids if there was enough interest.

Classic drawing classes are held each Tuesday from 9.30am-2pm.

Life drawing, portrait and still life classes are held Wednesday's 7-9pm.

For pricing and other information, phone Ms Douglas on 0401 637 854.

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